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William’s family has ranched in the Cypress Hills since 1902. And working on a ranch, there is always the need for good saddle horses – horses with speed, athleticism and stamina. (The ranch is over 35 sections of rocky, hilly, vast terrain.)

Deck O Copy - Johnny Beierbach - horse racing - click to enlargeIn the late 70’s, William’s Grandparents got the racing bug. (this is where some of the older race breeding has come from in the program.) As well, William’s dad has always team roped and liked fast horses! Horses have been a mainstay on the Beierbach ranch with William’s parents keeping close to 100 head at times.

Donna grew up on a cattle ranch in northern Saskatchewan. Also from a family with a long 'horse-history' (her great grandfather - Samuel James Walker - ran a riding stable in Saskatoon, SK and owned two livery barns in Plato and Wartime), Donna was on the back of a horse since her earliest memories.

Samuel James Walker - Saskatoon Livery Barn - click to see enlarged imageWhile growing up, she competed at gymkhanas, horse shows and high school rodeos. Donna's Dad rodeoed; hewould ride the odd horse for others and always broke and trained his own for the ranch. It was Donna's Dad who taught her most of the 'basics' about horses! He coached the young horsewoman from the outside of the roundpen in the early going. Once out of high-school, Donna started accepting outside horses to break and train.

1Y Quarter Horses - click to enlarge brand imageWilliam and Donna were married in 2000. The couple purchased a stallion IT SASKINIC to cross on the race bred mares hoping to raise ideal arena horses. (got too many fillies!) Nic is now a finished calf horse… and a gelding.

Longtime friend and respected horseman, Ross Brigden put together an incredible 'package deal'’ on some mares in spring of 2008. From there, we decided to do some specialized breeding. The Beierbachs have also bought several other prospects from Ross over the years. He has an incredible eye for a horse and knows what makes a winner! He found the stallion Oh Poppy for the Beierbach family as well.

The Beierbachs raise Black Angus Cattle as they believe in the “low maintenance” breed. Commercial cows calve out in ten section field. The family strives for calving ease with strong maternal traits and  high performance. To gain information about purebred Black Angus bulls for sale, check out battlecreekangus.ca

The Beierbachs do things the cowboy way on the ranch - from the back of a horse - endless hours of moving , sorting, doctoring and checking cattle. From brandings in the spring to weanings in the fall… the 1 Y quarter horses get to see what a real days work is all about and gain valuable experience while doing the day-to-day jobs on the ranch.

Donna Walker - horseshows at an early age - click to enlarge
Winter Chores - Beierbach Ranch - click to enlarge
Johnny Beierbach - Rillito Downs, Tuscon, AZ - Click to enlarge
Donna (Walker) Beierbach
Horse Showing at an early age
William Beierbach - Winter Chores
1 Y Quarter Horses
Johnny Beierbach
Horse Race Rillito Downs, Tucson, AZ

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